Adnan Siddiqui Becomes the Latest Target of PTI Keyboard Warriors

After meeting PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif in London, actor Adnan Siddiqui became the latest target of the political party’s keyboard warriors. The actor tweeted a brief update on the meeting and soon became a target of hate. The lack of respect for others’ choices has deteriorated in Pakistan, as political supporters have become increasingly violent. However, the actor is in London to advertise his upcoming movie, Dum Mastam.

Adnan Siddiqui’s selfie with burning drugs

Former Punjab minister Adnan Siddiqui has become the latest target of PTIs keyboard warrahs for posting a selfie in front of a burning pot of liquor. Adnan attended a destruction ceremony where confiscated liquor bottles were destroyed. He then posted a video of himself taking the selfie while standing in front of a raging fire. Pakistani Twitter has since picked up the post, which is dominated by meme content.

His apology to Irrfan Khan’s family

A Pakistani actor has apologized to the family of the deceased Irrfan Khan and Sridevi. A Pakistani anchor made fun of the actor and the family on his show, and the actor apologized to both families. Adnan Siddiqui took to his Instagram account to share the apology. The PTI keyboard warriors quickly piled on.

The recent meeting between Adnan Siddiqui and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif has created a backlash amongst PTI fans. The actor’s engagement with the PML-N supremo has fueled a firestorm of hate trolling. Pakistanis have lost the virtue of respecting others’ choices and become violent political supporters. Moreover, Adnan Siddiqui is currently in London to promote his film Dum Mastam.

The Pakistani actor has recently apologized to the family of Irrfan Khan, following a row over his comments in a satirical video. The words allegedly originated from Liaquat’s post on a social media forum, where he made jokes about Sridevi and Rani Mukerji. The actress’s statement that Liaquat’s words were a joke has led to a furious backlash from the Pakistani public.

His support for Imran Khan

A famous Pakistani actor is the latest victim of PTI keyboard warriors. Adnan Siddiqui met PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif in London and shared an update, but that’s not the only problem. Many PTI supporters have tweeted hate against Adnan for promoting his film Dum Mastam. Despite his support for Imran Khan, many PTI followers are angry about the decision to invite Nawaz Sharif to promote his movie.

Other showbiz celebrities have been vocal in supporting the prime minister. Haroon Shahid and Ahmed Ali Butt have publicly spoken out in favor Imran Khan and the PTI. Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed are also supporters of Imran Khan. Humayun Saeed, who has been a fan of Imran Khan since his days as a sportsman, has wished him a successful tenure.

The actress has repeatedly spoken out in support of Imran Khan and has recently visited the office of the former PML-N supremo Hussain Nawaz. Shehbaz asked the actor if he had an appointment with Sharif. When Siddiqui replies that he is there for an appointment, Shehbaz invites him to sit with him.

While Imran Khan’s election campaign has focused mainly on the president’s political rival, the PTI is a significant player in the media. The party has been a long-term poisoning of the country’s youth by the PTI and its acolytes. A new poll showed that young people are mainly pro-Pakistani and anti-Indian.

Another prominent member of the PML-N, journalist Ihtishamul Haq, tweeted a screenshot of Maryam’s deleted tweet. Another PTI member, Adnan Siddiqui, also shared the same sentiment on the microblogging site. The PML-N leader was attempting to discredit the PTI by promoting fake news.

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