Bella Hadid Pens a Painful Note For Nakba Day

The model Bella Hadid recently shared a sad note on social media about the plight of Palestinian victims on the anniversary of the Nakba. Known for her condemnation of the Israeli government’s brutal violence against Palestinians, Hadid has long used social media to voice her displeasure with the Israeli government. In this post, Hadid shares a video from Al Jazeera documenting the events of Nakba Day and re-posts it to spread the word about the plight of Palestinians.

Bella Hadid recalls the trauma and pain of survivors in Palestine on Nakba Day.

Fashion icon Bella Hadid recently wrote an emotional letter on Nakba Day to commemorate the 1948 Palestinian Arab-Israeli war victims. She also shared a video mapping out the history of Palestine, which depicted the brutal violence inflicted on the people of Palestine. The model echoed the sentiments of many survivors and has consistently supported Palestinian rights.

Bella Hadid exposes Instagram for shadow-banning her.

The famed supermodel has recently called out social media giant Instagram for “shadow-banning” her posts. She was accused after posting a screenshot of a video of an Israeli officer beating an elderly Palestinian man in Masjid Al Aqsa in Palestine. The model captioned the post with a crying emoji. But is the actress being overly dramatic? The answer to that question is yes.

In an op-ed, Hadid blames the app for shadow-banning her posts on social media and calls it censorship. The supermodel, of Palestinian and Dutch descent, says the social media platform censors her posts, preventing her from reaching the people she wants to go to. In response, she says, the attention is “overwhelming and annoying.” However, she’s not the only person who shares a lot about her life on social media.

The supermodel’s outraged rant comes just days after Israeli forces attacked worshippers at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Israel responded by shooting worshippers with teargas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said. The resulting clashes have left 153 people dead and 151 injured. The resulting violence has also left many people wounded, including children.

While Instagram denies that its users can be shadow-banned for political reasons, the issue is not new. Pro-Palestine activists have long complained of shadow-banning, while Gigi Hadid has also complained that her posts are deleted without warning. The censorship issue is still ongoing, but Bella Hadid’s outrage could help spread awareness of a critical issue.

The alleged Dior contract cancellation was attributed to a sham involving the spelling of Palestine as ‘Palestine.’ However, it was soon discovered that the ‘tik-take was not authentic. Other high-profile celebrities have also expressed solidarity with Palestine. Viola Davis posted an Instagram post about the Palestinian child Sheikh Jarrah, and Natalie Portman has publicly condemned Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

The controversial issue has become more widespread because more users report these instances. However, it’s still difficult to prove the authenticity of such reports. Bella Hadid recently accused Instagram of shadow-banning her posts after sharing videos of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Republicans on Twitter have also reported the alleged shadow-banning, while black creators have been calling out TikTok for the same.

Bella Hadid slams Israeli forces for attacking slain Al Jazeera journalist.

Palestinian-American Model Bella Hadid has condemned Israeli forces for attacking a funeral procession of slain Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in occupied Jerusalem. With 51 million Instagram followers, Hadid reposted articles that argued the journalist was killed deliberately by Israeli forces. Hadid also condemned how American media reported on Akleh’s death.

The fashion designer has become a prominent advocate for the cause of Palestinians. She also condemned the Israeli forces for their violent and abusive tactics during the murder of the Al Jazeera journalist. Bella Hadid has since expressed her sorrow over the death of the journalist, who was killed while reporting on an Israeli raid in the occupied city of Jenin.

After the attack, Bella Hadid and other high-profile women criticized the violence committed by Israeli forces. The model, who is also a public figure in the Palestinian community, shared videos of the police attacking the coffin of Shireen Abu Aqleh and the mourners. She wrote on Instagram, ‘This is Occupation.’ She also posted a 14-second video of Palestinians mourning the fallen journalist.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council condemned the attack and demanded an independent investigation of the incident. Another Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Awlaki, was injured but is in stable condition. Meanwhile, celebrities including Bella Hadid, Mark Ruffalo, and Cornel West have condemned the Israeli raid. If Bella Hadid were the President of the United States, she would slam the Israeli forces for their killing of the slain Al Jazeera journalist.

The number of Palestinians killed has risen to 83, including 17 children. In addition, there are more than 480 injured. Al Jazeera will look at the scene in Gaza and occupied East Jerusalem and ask, ” What will stop the violence?”

On Friday evening, clashes erupted near the northern entrance of the Gaza Strip, opposite the Jewish settlement of Beit El. Across the West Bank, people were staging protests in solidarity with the Gazans. A video posted by Safa Press shows protesters in Jenin. Meanwhile, a rocket fired from Gaza hit a building in Ashkelon, prompting residents to flee to shelters.

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