6 Friday Motivation Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

During the week, you may have slacked off and neglected your goals. Your weekend is the time to make up for it! You can turn on Working for the Weekend to feel more motivated. Whether you’ve missed a few meetings or didn’t have enough time, Friday is the day for you to make up for a lost time. Listed below are 6 Friday motivation tips to keep you motivated this week:

Build an accountability buddy

Having an accountability partner is an excellent way to achieve your goals. A good accountability buddy will hold you accountable and encourage you to communicate regularly. You can find an accountability partner nearby or even halfway around the world. The important thing is that your buddy is willing to support your goals and make them a reality. Building an accountability relationship with a friend or family member will make you more likely to stay motivated on Fridays.

Choose someone with similar goals and experiences as you. A friend or family member is ideal but not the only type of accountability buddy. People who need convincing and flake out aren’t the best choices. If your buddy cannot empathize with your situation, you’re not likely to be able to give them good advice. A professional accountability partner is an excellent choice, as their objective advice can help you shape your career.

Prioritize your tasks

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes, and prioritizing your tasks can help you stay on track. But it’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll need to filter your to-do list to identify the highest priority functions. To do this, you need to spend time planning and prioritizing your tasks. Create a priority matrix with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep it simple.

If you have a deadline on a specific task, assign it a priority. The highest priority tasks are the ones you have to finish before the deadline. You’ll be more productive when you schedule these tasks around your peak energy levels. Meanwhile, the lower priority tasks can wait until a later time. Make sure to schedule breaks every hour, too, to allow your brain to focus on the lower priority tasks.

Take breaks

When you’re working, take breaks often. Even a short walk will help clear your head and your eyes. It would be best if you also exercised to remove your mind and get some blood flowing. It’s not enough to take a 30-minute walk to relieve stress, but it’s an excellent way to clear your mind and get in some good exercise. In addition, exercise has proven to increase productivity. Try doing a quick workout to get your blood flowing and focus.

Consider a break that involves movement and engages a different part of your brain when you’re working. Try setting a goal, learning a new skill, or just getting outside. Doing anything that increases your creativity is also a great idea. Try taking a break once a day, but do it often! Try new things or switch locations to get some fresh air and increase your motivation.

Reward yourself for hard work

If you’re feeling discouraged on Friday, try to think of a simple way to boost your motivation. Rather than giving yourself a treat, reward yourself with something you enjoy instead. But make sure you’re not rewarding yourself with a sugary treat or anything that lowers your energy. Here are some simple ways to stay motivated on Friday:

Reward yourself for good work. If you’ve worked hard all week, treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a while. This might include watching your favorite show at 6 p.m. or grabbing a cup of tea after you turn in your report. Rewarding yourself with something you genuinely enjoy can help you get the work done efficiently and feel good about yourself.

Get moving

You might be feeling the Friday funk right now, but you can do something about it. No matter how challenging the week has been, it’ll end. You can start by making sure you get your daily dose of micronutrients, tackling your low-hanging fruit, and taking some time off from your desk to think about the weekend. You’ll have plenty of time to get motivated again next week.

First, determine what tasks are the easiest to complete. If you’re feeling burnt out from a long week, take on a simple and easy task to assemble. This could be emailing or filing documents, data entry, document reconciliation, or making follow-up calls. Once you’ve tackled your low-hanging fruit, move on to the more challenging tasks. You can also schedule your workdays on weekends to have more time to focus on the things that matter to you, rather than just working longer hours.

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