Johnny Depp’s NFT Collection Surges in Price After Defamation Trial Verdict

This article will cover the motivation behind Johnny Depp’s newfound NFT obsession. I’ll look at Trading volume, and I’ll also touch on the actor’s basis for collecting. But first, let’s discuss his NFT collection in general. Why are they worth so much? And can Depp afford to own all of them?

Johnny Depp’s NFT collection

A new album featuring a compilation of Depp’s artwork is now selling for a whopping $24 million on Among the notable artists in the collection are Heath Ledger, Elizabeth Taylor, and River Phoenix. In addition, Depp has also included 607 self-portraits from his own life. A recent defamation trial verdict has prompted interest in Depp’s art and music.

Following his recent defamation lawsuit, the cryptocurrency market is booming with interest in Johnny Depp’s Ethereum ETH / USD-based NFTs. The collection has jumped nearly 200% since the defamation trial verdict, with the entire trading volume reaching $1,500 ETH since its launch in January 2022. Depp’s NFTs had hardly any trading volume during the defamation trial before the verdict. As of June 2, the floor price of each Johnny Depp NFT was around 0.52 ETH.

The lawsuit was filed in Virginia, which is considered slightly more favorable to plaintiffs in defamation cases. Although Depp did not specifically name the Post in his suit, the court ruled that it was “unfair” to call the company a defendant. Because of this, NFTs are currently selling for over $5 million. It’s hard to argue with Depp’s performance in “Cop Killer,” which led to nationwide outrage and a spike in the price.

The actor’s motivation for collecting

A new NFT collection featuring art by Johnny Depp has soared in price after his recent defamation trial verdict. The collection includes 607 self-portraits and artwork of significant people in Depp’s life, including Heath Ledger, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, and River Phoenix. It also features a fictional character named Bunnyman, which Depp gave to his son. There are over 607 art pieces in the collection, and the price has risen to over $1 billion in the past month alone.

The defamation trial took on the atmosphere of a second divorce, with sensational details pouring out of the courtroom during testimony. Although the defamation trial focused on First Amendment issues, the tone often went overboard. The jury was also asked to consider whether Depp’s team could prove the statement was false. And the jury was asked to determine whether Heard intended to defame Depp and the headline of the article.

Trading volume

After the defamation trial verdict, the trading volume of Johnny Depp’s Never Fear Truth cryptocurrency (NFT) rose. The Ethereum-based tokens, modeled after his Friends and Heroes films, were worth an estimated 168.4 ETH per unit. The tickets contain artwork from Depp, which is verified by the marketplace. They feature portraits of people close to Depp’s life and his heroes.

The libel case against Depp was dismissed after the judge in the London High Court ruled against him in favor of the actor. The plaintiff, Amber Heard, had sued the newspaper for labeling him a “wife-beater.” In his defamation trial, the newspaper argued that Depp assaulted Heard with a bottle of wine. Heard’s attorneys then filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post, which is not a defendant.

The jury awarded Johnny Depp $15 million after three days of deliberations. Heard, the actor’s ex-wife was awarded $2 million. The award was unanimous. A cheering crowd gathered outside the courtroom. Despite the loss, the defamation trial verdict is a win for fans of the actor. After years of rumors and speculation, Depp’s NFT collection is now trading at higher levels than the IPOs for the movie.

The actor’s motive for collecting his NFTs

Despite the defamation trial verdict, the price of Johnny Depp’s Never Fear Truths (NFT) has soared in the past week. The actor’s NFT collection contains 3,850 pieces of art, including paintings of his heroes, friends, and dog. There are also 607 self-portraits in the collection. Each NFT acts as a member’s key to the community and establishes ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

The jury also heard the case from the perspective of the actor. A deposition played in court by his longtime doctor, Dr. David Kipper, was played to the court on April 18 to explain the actor’s motive for collecting his NFTs. The actor defended himself by saying that he was not a fan of the comedian and was shocked at the verdict.

As the price of his NFTs skyrocketed following the defamation trial verdict, his motive for collecting his NFTs has been questioned. Amber Heard, Depp’s longtime girlfriend, has filed a $100 million countersuit against the actor. A recent report said the defamation trial result was a “surge in value,” which could mean that the movie star is chasing her money.

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